How to choose between the different non-studded tyres

When you select winter tyres, the selection isn’t always that easy. Within the same tyre manufacturer they tend to have several tyres in their range, so it isn’t always a straight forward decision. If you have already decided that you want winter tyres and you don’t want studded tyres, then you have the non-studded tyre option left and in some cases also the winter approved all-weather tyres that are always non-studded, as they can be used all-year round. You might still have 5-7 tyres to choose from.

If you look at e.g. the range of tyres from Nokian Tyres, which is the leading manufacturer when it comes to winter tyres. Being from Finland they have the ability to combine the high quality with the severe winter conditions that are present in Finland during the winter. They also own one of the most famous winter testing facilities, often called “The White Hell”. The conditions that prevail there are some of the toughest you can face, which makes it a perfect testing site for winter tyres that have to excel in difficult conditions.

You have two different non-studded tyres named Nokian Snowproof, where one has the letter “P” after the name. This tyre is made for Central European conditions where you have more varying conditions during the winter, but still want to ensure that you have he best safety during the winter. The Nokian Snowproof P are aimed for faster automobiles that allow for high speeds, so that you can easily use your sports car on Autobahn at high speeds without having to worry.

You then have the Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3, which carries the famous Hakkapeliitta name also know from their studded tyre range. This is a Nordic winter tyre that can handle the harshest winter conditions. These tyres are perfect for areas that have long and harsh winters during the winter season. They use cryo-crystals as gripping particles and have a tread design that includes sipes for superior grip on both snow and ice and adapts well to any driving and weather conditions. These tyres are also recommended for electric vehicles and hybrids, that require tyres with low rolling resistance and wear resistant rubber compound.

Finally you have the Nokian WR A4 and Nokian WR D4, where the Nokian WR A4 is the version for sporty cars and the Nokian WR D4 is for normal passenger cars. Both versions are also recommended for electric cars and hybrids. They exhibit great grip on different surfaces experienced during changing weather conditions. This is also aimed for Central Europe where you have to adapt to having sometimes dry, wet or then snowy conditions during the same day, while still being able to remain safe while driving. With the whole Nokian range of tyres, you will always have great grip on winter surfaces, even if you go for their winter approved all-season tyres, called Nokian Weatherproof or Nokian Seasonproof.

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