Common Water Pumps You Should Know About

Most people may not know what goes into their water. Harsh chemicals and bacteria can be mixed into it, leading to various health issues, and the plants you are growing can get contaminated with fungi or viruses. 

This signifies the importance of installing a water treatment system. The purpose of water treatment is to improve the overall quality of water by reducing impurities to make water fit for its intended end-use. 

Likewise, water pumps are helpful in various situations. One of the primary applications of water pumps is to transfer water from one location to another, regardless of whether transporting water into a tank or cleaning up an excess flood or stormwater. 

Centrifugal Pump

This type of water pump uses centrifugal force to generate enough velocity to move fluid through the system. A centrifugal pump has a straightforward design that makes it easy to use. Its moving parts are highly durable, allowing it to last longer.

Engine-Driven Pump

An engine-driven pump, powered by petrol or diesel, assists operators in safely transporting fluids and chemicals in corrosive environments. These pumps are commonly used in agricultural environments because they can be mounted on the back of tractors or utes and used for crop irrigation and livestock watering.

Submersible Pump

As the name implies, these pumps are completely submerged in the liquid they are displacing. They are primarily used for sewage or slurry drainage. The pump is installed beneath the wastewater or sewage levels, and level sensors control its operation.

Pressure Tanks

A pressure tank is a pressure storage vessel, generally made with a steel cell designed to hold water under pressure and to extend the pump life of pumps that need to cycle on and off. Due to the pressure switch not tripping as frequently, it extends the time the pump is off in each cycle. This increases pump life, reduces noise, reduces water hammering and cycling, and provides a more consistent flow rate. While pressure tanks are not technically water pumps, they do help draw a pre-determined amount of water without the need for the pump to start.


Ready to Install a Water Pump?

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