Popular Sports to Bet on

Popular Sports to Bet on – Infographic

Gambling is gaining popularity despite the COVID-19 pandemic’s aftermath. Most people are betting on Singapore casino and sports to entertain themselves and generate profit.

Betting agencies offer SG online free credit, bonuses, and other promotions to encourage more people to gamble. While this is a good move, knowing what gambling field is best to partake in is essential. If you are into sports, here are the most popular sports to bet on:


Football, or soccer, is the most iconic sport worldwide. It has the biggest draw at legal and regulated sportsbooks, offering bettors large sums of money.

The basics of soccer betting are similar to other sports. However, it is vital to be informed about its rules and competitions. There are three outcomes to bet, such as :

  • Team A Wins
  • Team B Wins
  • Both Teams draw

Horse Racing

Horse racing is one of the oldest sports to bet. For many years, gambling enthusiasts have considered betting on this as a thrilling experience.

Additionally, horse racing is considered the richest sports event globally. It offers big prize money coming from punters and significant viewership.


It might be surprising to know that tennis is the third most popular sport to bet. Similar to other sports, it is fun and exciting to watch. You can support your favourite player while betting on them.

Punters can place bets in the live and in-play tennis games, making it a high-frequency betting sport. You need to master the basics of the game to increase your winning chances and acquire large profits.

Auto Racing

Many sports enthusiasts love auto racing. It offers bettors a chance to make money by staking in various events, like Formula 1. Formula 1, or F1, is a premier international auto-racing sport where ten teams participate in different Grand Prix races. If you want to increase your betting excitement, try betting on auto racing. Read this article to learn more about F1 racing odds in the 2023 championship.

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