Common Causes And Symptoms Of Piston Ring Failures

Diesel engines were a breakthrough in machine manufacturing in the 1800s and have a significant role because they are still used today. Before, it was only used to power up types of machinery, but now, industries like manufacturing, transportation, and agriculture depend on it. Many see diesel engines as more economical than gasoline and a great help for these industries.


For this reason, diesel engines need regular maintenance to produce their optimum level of diesel power performance for heavy-duty, long-term uses such as towing and long-distance travel.


One of a diesel engine’s essential parts—the piston rings, and that is what you’ll continue to read about in this article.


Uses of Piston Rings

Piston rings make up the majority of the diesel piston system. They allow the engine to run smoothly. Piston rings in a diesel engine have specific functions, and they are as follows:

  • Compression ring – seals the combustion chamber and prevents fuel leakage.
  • Wiper ring – prevents exhaust gas from entering other piston parts.
  • Oil control ring – ensures that the chamber walls remain oil-free.


Piston Ring Failures

Piston rings are subject to enormous pressure to ensure the engine runs smoothly. These are possible failures in piston rings.

·     Inaccurate Assembly

Poorly assembled piston rings will not perform their intended functions and any other equipment. Piston rings that fail to form correctly are caused by poor compression or improper installation. If you wish to inspect the damaged call, you can view it.

·     Oil Control Ring

You can expect oil damage if there is an excessive or significant amount of oil consumption within your oil control rings. This is often due to damaged rings or poor quality.

·     Contamination

 Fuel contamination can often be caused by soil and dirt particles. Car owners need to maintain their vehicles regularly. Due to constant use, piston rings can become worn.


Inadequate filtering could cause dirt to combine gas with gas, interfering with the combustion chamber. This can reduce the lifespan of the rings.


It is possible to take better care of your diesel engine by knowing more about piston rings. This infographic from Pure Power Diesel will help you to learn more.

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